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  • Development Lab


    Development and Interop Labs: The Home Court Advantage The CableLabs Development Laboratory facilities were established to accelerate product development for devices that are intended to interoperate under the CableLabs DOCSIS®, PacketCable™, DPoE™, and/or OpenCable™ specifications. To use the Development Lab: Review the Development Lab Use Policy and the Rules of Engagement Complete the Development Lab Use Request detailing test activities. Pay…

  • Standards-Based, Premium Content for the Modern Web


    …ries describes an open, standards-based approach to providing premium, adaptive bitrate, audio/video content in HTML and how open source software can assist in the evaluation and deployment of these technologies. Part 1 – Open Web Standards: Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) HTML5 extension APIs enable JavaScript applications to facilitate encryption key requests between a DRM-specific Content Decryption Model (CDM) embedded in the browser a…

  • The Cost of Codecs: Royalty-Bearing Video Compression Standards and the Road that Lies Ahead


    …self, here is a sampling the many tests we found: Mukherjee, et al., Proceedings of the International Picture Coding Symposium, pp. 390-393, Dec. 2013, San Jose, CA, USA. Grois, et al., Proceedings of the International Picture Coding Symposium, pp. 394-397, Dec. 2013, San Jose, CA, USA. Bankoski, et al., Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, pp. 1-6,…

  • Encrypted Media Extensions Provide a Common Ground


    …ering of premium video content. These native apps were later converted to web-browser extensions, which enabled HTML-embedded encrypted content. With the advent of adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming paradigms such as Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH, these “black-box” media players left many content distributors wanting even more control over the playback experience. In response, the World Wide Web Consortium…

  • Web Media Playback: Solved with dash.js


    …ve been pre-fetched, the app can attach the protection objects to the player to associate the licenses with the HTMLMediaElement that will handle playback. An EME demo app is provided with dash.js (samples/dash-if-reference-player/eme.html) that provides some visibility and control into the EME operations taking place in the browser. The app allows the user to pre-fetch licenses, manage key session persistence, and playback associated content. It…