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    Standards-Based, Premium Content for the Modern Web

    This four-part blog series describes an open, standards-based approach to providing premium, adaptive bitrate, audio/video content in HTML.

    Part 1   |   Part 2   |   Part 3   |   Part 4  


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    Innovation Starts Here and Now

    Innovation Boot Camp will be held June 16 – 19 at CableLabs’ Silicon Valley location in Sunnyvale, CA, hosted by Phil McKinney and the CableLabs’ Innovation Team.


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    Next Generation Video: Beyond 4K

    4K Video has captured the attention of consumers, retailers and television manufacturers.


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    Interactive TV Ads – Is There a Demand?

    Recently, Coke aired an interactive advertisement during the NCAA Final Four basketball games.


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May 26, 2015

Adaptive Bitrate and MPEG-DASH

by Greg Rutz, Lead Architect, CableLabs — The basic solution that streaming video provides is that an entire video file does not need to be downloaded before it is viewed. Little chunks of media may be grabbed for playback in order to achieve the same effect. The one caveat is that the media must be received…

May 19, 2015

Standards-Based, Premium Content for the Modern Web

by Greg Rutz, Lead Architect, CableLabs — How Premium Video Content Streams over the Internet These days, a person is just as likely to be watching a movie on their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, as they are to be sitting in front of a television. Cable operators are eager to provide premium…