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  • Development Lab


    Development and Interop Labs: The Home Court Advantage The CableLabs Development Laboratory facilities were established to accelerate product development for devices that are intended to interoperate under the CableLabs DOCSIS®, PacketCable™, DPoE™, and/or OpenCable™ specifications. To use the Development Lab: Review the Development Lab Use Policy and the Rules of Engagement Complete the Development Lab Use Request detailing test activities. Pay…

  • Standards-Based, Premium Content for the Modern Web


    …ries describes an open, standards-based approach to providing premium, adaptive bitrate, audio/video content in HTML and how open source software can assist in the evaluation and deployment of these technologies. Check back every Tuesday as we publish each part of this Technical Blog series. #TechnicalBlogTuesday Part 1 – Open Web Standards: Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) HTML5 extension APIs enable JavaScript applications to facilitate e…

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  • Encrypted Media Extensions Provide a Common Ground


    …ering of premium video content. These native apps were later converted to web-browser extensions, which enabled HTML-embedded encrypted content. With the advent of adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming paradigms such as Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH, these “black-box” media players left many content distributors wanting even more control over the playback experience. In response, the World Wide Web Consortium…

  • Showcase Opportunities


    The Innovation Showcase at CableLabs’ Summer and Winter Conferences presents live demonstrations of working technologies, enabling developers to deliver compact and persuasive presentations of products and services enabled by cable’s broadband networks. The watchword here is “demonstration”. We’re looking for new, real products, platforms and innovations — not just PowerPoint® slides on a screen. It’s about br…