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    The DOCSIS 3.1® Engines are Running!

    The technology is rapidly maturing —


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    RDK Training Summit 2015


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    Good-Bye IPv4, Hello IPv6

    News sources are abuzz that ARIN has finally ran out of IP addresses. Let’s take a look at the implications —


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    Passive Optical Networking —
    for the Next Generation

    Nowhere is the next generation moniker more prevalent than in the development of passive optical networking (PON) standards.


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August 26, 2015

RDK Training Summit 2015: A Full House at CableLabs

John Cernazanu, R&D Program Manager, Application & Security Technologies – I was admiring the crisp look of our training room the night before opening day of the RDK Training Summit 2015 – a first time co-production by CableLabs and RDK Management (RDKM), LLC hosted at the CableLabs facility. A surge of angst…

August 24, 2015

DOCSIS 3.1® Update: Get Your Engines Running…. The Engines ARE Running!

By Belal Hamzeh, Director of Broadband Evolution at CableLabs – The original title for this blog was supposed to be “DOCSIS® 3.1 Update: Get your engines running,” but in reality, the engines ARE already running!  In fact, the DOCSIS 3.1 engines have been running…