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Community Involvement

CableLabs Supports Our Community

CableLabs stands by our community by supporting the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Habitat for Humanity, Bonfils Blood Center, HeroBox and other community causes.

Our laboratories are located in one of the nation’s most green-compliant counties. While we can all do more, we think that we do a good job at being green and environmentally friendly. CableLabs participates in glass and plastic recycling programs and offered employees BPA-free plastic water bottles in our effort to reduce waste. We also recycle paper, electronics and more. We installed light sensors in our offices and conference rooms to reduce energy consumption. CableLabs has a Green Committee that cleans up the area around CableLabs. We also have Charging Stations for employees who need to plug in their electrically powered vehicles while at work.

We feel it is our responsibility to support our local communities in both Colorado and California. While we may be a small organization as compared to others, our employees participate and contribute in many ways to our communities. Just a few examples include the Sister Carmen Community Center, the Boulder/Broomfield Community Food Bank and the San Francisco Food Bank.

CableLabs is a proud Cornerstone Member of the Foothills United Way. We ensure that 100% of our employees’ contributions go to the organizations of their choosing.  Foothills United Way presented CableLabs with the 2013 Spirit of Community Award.