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CableLabs in the News, Week of April 4


This week marked a huge win for CableLabs, consumers, and cable operators alike. Here’s the big story of the week plus more.

A Win for Wi-Fi: FCC Votes to Expand Wireless Spectrum

As more and more devices come online and the Internet of Things becomes a reality, a resource is quickly becoming scarce: Wireless spectrum.  With the aid of CableLabs’ unbiased, technical knowledge, the FCC made the decision on Monday, March 31, to expand the amount of unlicensed spectrum in the 5GHz band by an additional 100MHz.

Our own expert, Rob Alderfer, wrote an insightful blog on the wireless spectrum vote that brought the importance of this decision public and garnered lots of attention within the industry and in social media.

We also have a page dedicated to showing the importance of wireless spectrum and documenting CableLabs’ extensive research on this topic.

PeerApp, Sandvine and Limelight Demonstrate End-to-End Guaranteed Delivery of 4K Video and Content Monetization Using Content Service Extension Architecture at CableLabs

If you want to geek out on content delivery architecture, here’s your chance. WSJ’s Marketwatch has the details.

CableLabs Eyes NFC, RFID Tags to Deliver Personalized Programming and Advertising

Personalization and mobile are two of the hottest buzzwords across the tech and cable industries, and a recent patent application from CableLabs could combine the two.

CableLabs has developed technology that may help its members deliver personalized programming and advertising by relying on mobile devices used by subscribers that contain RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags or NFC (near field communication) chips.

For more on the technology and patent application, check out Fierce Cable‘s article.


Did we miss any stories involving CableLabs?  Let us know in the comments.


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